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DIY Moves vs Professional Movers

Today you see and have many options when you are relocating, but which is the best choice?

The first thing most shoppers will do when moving is go to their computer and type in "Movers in San Antonio". That search will yield over 44 million results!!!

Most people don't know enough about the moving industry to pick the best out of 5 movers much less 44 million. So what are you to do?

  • Think about what you need.

  • Think about what you can and have time to do.

  • Think about who you let in your home and around your family.

What do you need?

Will you need help with packing your dishes, wall art, electronics, etc?

Do you need cartons, tape, packing paper?

Will you need someone to disconnect utilities, take apart exercise machines, or remove your TV from the wall?

What can and do you have time to do?

Will you be taking off work for your packing and move?

Can you handle lifting, carrying and loading those heavy items yourself.

Are you comfortable driving a moving truck with all of your family's treasured belonging inside of it?

Who are you willing to let in your home and around your family.

Are you willing to open the doors of your home to strangers?

Do you trust that the cheapest labor you could find is not a predator or a thief?

Now that you know what to think about when considering a move all that's left is getting the right help.

For information on hiring the right mover or renting the right truck subscribe to this blog or email me at

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