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Cost of Moving

Will it cost a lot for me to move?


How much will it cost?

“that depends a lot on you”

Moves are classified for the most part into 3 categories:

  • Locals (generally less than 50 miles)

  • Intrastate (pickup and delivery within the same state)

  • Interstate (moving across state lines)

Local Moves are usually billed at an hourly rate or some movers will offer a flat rate price for their services. Most of your non-furniture items will need to be properly packed into cartons and sealed. The average cost per hour of a local mover in San Antonio is $85 an hour for 2 movers and their truck. In addition to the hourly rate you’ll often see trip fees, and higher rates per hour after the first 2 hours have completed. You’ll usually also see some sort of minimum charges (2-hour minimum for weekdays and a 4 hour minimum for weekends).

If you are trying to control your cost for an hourly billed move, you should have all of your non-furniture items packed and ready to go prior to the mover’s arrival. You should also perform as much disassembly and reassembly as you are comfortable with. Remember, when paying by the hour you are paying that crew to perform simple tasks like taking apart a bed or removing legs from tables.

Probably the most important thing to focus on when hiring a local mover is their reputation and your level of comfort with them. Anyone can claim to be a mover, heck they don’t even have to have a truck, they can rent one and hire day labor at the local shelter.

Checking out a local mover.

  1. Ask to visit their warehouse and office.

  2. Look up their license number with the DMV (all movers are required to provide our license in our advertising and our estimates)

  3. Obtain your estimate in person instead of over the phone.

  4. Ask for COI (certificate of insurance).

Next time we will talk about Intrastate and Interstate moving. Know a few facts can easily save you over $1,000 dollars. So don’t forget to subcribe!!

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