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Telling the good from the bad

Now that you know there are a lot of unlicensed and uninsured movers out there don't you want to know how to find the real movers?

There are several ways you can verify a movers credentials but by far the easiest, quickest and least confrontational is to simply look us up:

On this site you can find details about the company you are researching. Details such as how many trucks they have, are they insured, is their license up to date, etc.

Next and probably my favorite way to check out a mover is to visit their office and warehouse. If they don't have a local office or an agent with an office and warehouse then RUN!!!!

When visiting moving companies you should be looking at how they treat their own equipment and supplies. After all, what makes you think they would treat your belonging better than they treat their own. Is their facility clean and organized? Are their trucks in good condition and do they have employees or will they be hiring day labor to handle your belongings?

I don't know of any reputable mover that would not welcome an unannounced visit from a potential customer. For us at Towne Services of San Antonio we look at a customer visit as a sure way to complete a sale.

I would love to answer your questions about selecting a mover.

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